Breanna McShea

Senior Accountant
Neiman Marcus Group

Previous Positions: Senior Revenue Accountant, Red Hat; Audit & Assurance Senior, Deloitte

I started my professional career in Raleigh, NC as an auditor with the public accounting firm Deloitte. During my four years in public accounting, I conducted financial statement audits for both private and publicly traded clients in various industries. My experience allowed me to begin building my career foundation based on invaluable skills acquired along the way.

After four years in the public accounting area, I shifted my focus and accepted a corporate senior accountant position. I was able to quickly adapt to the role by leveraging the knowledge I gained as an auditor. By earning my accounting degree and CPA license, I’ve had the opportunity to work with multiple clients/companies and develop an in-depth understanding of their internal control structure, business processes, and accounting.