Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Organizations

This certificate is designed to give students the ability to identify and evaluate the role of ethics, motivation, power, and diversity in leader behaviors. Emphasis is placed on effective teamwork, interpersonal skills and the importance of trust and relationships to help facilitate critical decision making and problem solving.  The certificate will provide students with the body of knowledge needed to lead effectively in  modern business environments.

This certificate is available online only.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to take MGMT 6420 and MGMT 6421, and any 2 of the following: MGMT 6682, MGMT 6832, MGMT 6842, PADM 6220, PSYC 6423

Course Rotation

Due to course rotations, this program takes a minimum of 2 semesters to complete.

Fall – MGMT6420 Studies in Leadership; MGMT6421 Twenty-First Century Leadership; MGMT6832 Human Resources; MGMT6682 Conflict, Collaboration and Negotiation; MGMT 6842 Leading with Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility; PSYC 6423 Employee Motivation and Leadership

Spring – MGMT6420 Studies in Leadership; MGMT6421 Twenty-First Century Leadership; MGMT6832 Human Resources; PADM6220 Leadership and Ethics in the Public Sector

Summer – MGMT6832 Human Resources

Contact Information

Arthur Graduate School of Business
Bate 1200

Admissions Information

Acceptance into this certificate program is dependent upon, but not limited to, one of the following:

  • a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.7, OR
  • 5 years of progressive professional experience and an undergraduate degree, OR
  • a graduate degree, OR
  • admission to/enrollment in a graduate degree program at East Carolina University, OR
  • admission to/enrollment in the ECU MBA program – certificate can replace electives component of degree by completing this form

Special note: Students who successfully complete this College of Business graduate certificate can waive the entrance exam admissions requirement for the MBA program. Students can only take classes for the programs to which they are admitted. Certificate-only students cannot take MBA classes that are not part of their certificate program until the semester in which they are fully admitted to the degree program.

Current ECU graduate students in other programs have found this program to be beneficial for their course of study. Visit our Certificates for Non-COB ECU Graduate Students page for more information.